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In the digital era, marketing enables businesses to reach specific targets and interact directly with them in the B2B and B2C areas. By defining the value proposition and project objectives during the strategic analysis and planning phase and utilizing the best tools for the job, Infocube is able to follow the strategic analysis and planning phase, establishing the value proposition and the project’s goals. Furthermore, it is also able to follow the operational phase using the most suitable tools for the need. Finally, the monitoring of the activities and data analysis provide the information companies necessary to make successful business decisions.

All of our marketing actions start with analytical activities: of the target market, main goals, trends and competitors.

Afterwards, we identify the value proposition, goals and priorities for the project. The digital activity planning is the final step of the strategic digital marketing process.

The implementation of the planned actions measures during the analysis phase is developed using the most appropriate tools. Respectively: the Social Media strategy consistent with the target, the Web and Social Advertisement campaigns, the organic placement of website content (SEO), the Content Marketing and the Email Marketing (DEM) for one-to-one communication with the user.

Monitoring and tracking user actions on an ongoing basis means taking better business decisions. Therefore, we believe that data analysis and data insights, are essential to optimize all digital marketing activities.

By calibrating all available data, marketing automation, tools take action,enhancing direct communication to each user and improving efficiency and productivity.

For projects involving online sale, we support businesses by structuring ecommerce websites , managing the entire project, from content to advertising.

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