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The digital revolution and progress have required both public and private companies to equip themselves with high-performing IT infrastructures and, above all, to place technology at the core of their business. Infocube offers a broad range of activities in the field of Information Technology which are aimed at the creation and optimization of customers’ information systems according to their demands.

Due to Infocube’s expertise in the IT business, we have been able to meet the different demands of several private or public companies. Our working method starts with an examination of the already existing infrastructures,, followed by an identification of any pressing problems, an assessment of the evolutionary potential and finally, the development of new technical solutions, or the adoption of those already in use.

Ad hoc software solutions, are developed in close collaboration with the client using the principles and methods of the agile software development model.

Thanks to our long-standing know-how, we assist customers in order to maximize their technical investments by integrating applications and heterogeneous information systems, providing the best solutions and meeting their specific requirements.

Over the years we have evolved an internal WP Cluster solution that is tailored for WordPress projects, but we also design and construct IT and cloud infrastructures on all the best existing platforms.

Infocube is the right partner, for improving the performance of information systems, always ensuring maintenance and development through time.

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